Towerbank Primary School

Achieved Fairtrade Status: 2 June 2009

Towerbank Primary School has been involved in promoting Fair Trade since 2005 with the range and scope of activities growing each year and was the first primary school to achieve Fairtrade status in Edinburgh.

A Fair Trade group was established in 2008 and is made up of pupils from P7 initially with support of eco reps from 2-7 classes.

Fair Trade is integrated into the wider school curriculum and activities.  The following is an example of some of the projects that the school is involved in:

- Towerbank is in the early stages of becoming Global Partners with a school in Dwerebease, Ghana. Through this partnership, pupils will be given the opportunity to learn about the difference Fair Trade is making to children in Ghana. 
- Baking using Fair Trade ingredients 
- Fair trade Healthy Tuck Stall, which started as an enterprise with a group of P7 children and runs every Friday with parent support.  Snacks and fruit are purchased by pupils with the help of volunteer parents from local shops selling Fair Trade goods. 
- P4 pupils created a rap about Fair Trade which they sang to the rest of the school at assembly 
- Fair trade promotional work - posters & leaflets are prepared by staff & pupils to promote up and coming Fair Trade events.  Newsletter articles let the wider community know of successful Fair Trade events held in the school.  
- Participation in Fairtrade Fortnight annually - exploring Fair Trade business, having a Fair Trade dress up day (tying in with walk to school week) 
- Links to Eco-schools: Fair Trade is part of the eco action plan and is integrated into other curricular areas where appropriate 

The school endeavours to involve parents, teachers and the wider school community.  Guest speakers attend school assemblies to present on Fair Trade, while parents are involved in running the tuck stall and attending meetings/take minutes. They also assist by advertising in the local community press, purchasing items for the tuck stall from local stores and approaching supermarkets to help stock the tuck stall.