Fair Trade Expenditure and Policy Commitments in the Public Sector

Report into Fair Trade expenditure and policy commitments within Scotland’s public sector 2019-22

Fair Trade Nation Reports

Annual Reviews

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Black Lives Matter


Campaigning publications

World Fair Trade Photo Exhibition

We worked with Hand Up Events to create an exhibition that explores the World Fair Trade Organization and Scotland’s links to it.

Have a look at the exhibition, or download it. You can borrow the exhibition for your event, please email info@sftf.org.uk if you are interested.

Fair Trade Campaign Toolkit

Whether you are an experienced Fair Trade campaigner, or new to the cause or to campaigning, this toolkit is for you. We need Fair Trade and we need people to campaign for it.

Fair’s Fair Toolkit

We created Fair’s Fair with Youth Scotland to help with leading group discussions on a range of issues relating to Fair Trade and its role in our everyday choices of things such as food, clothing, cosmetics or even electronics.

A Handbook for Fair Trade Campaigners

We created a Handbook to give you a background to Fair Trade and some ideas to help get your campaigning off the ground.