I’m Howard Msukwa. I am one of the farmers of Kaporo Smallholder Farmer Association (KASFA)

I am happy today because Scotland has managed to go 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation.

I am personally happy because around 2012, we went around Scotland and other countries, campaigning for the Fair Trade status, which has really assisted KASFA.

Since Scotland became a Fair Trade Nation in 2013. KASFA has achieved a lot from the partnership with JTS and the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

There are so many things which have happened. Even the thinking itself of KASFA members. We also think Fair Trade because the Fair Trade concept has brought a lot of incentives in the business which is between KASFA and JTS.

We are able to produce quality rice. We are able to have a quality meal that can produce to the standard of UK because of the relationship.

And now that Scotland is becoming 10 years, we think this partnership will continue bringing other good things.

For example, as farmers produce good rice, they need improvement on their seed.

We think within the next 5 years, we’ll be talking much about seed improvement at KASFA with our partners because of the Fair Trade concept.

And we also urge all people in Scotland, buy KASFA rice from JTS, support us.

Because by supporting us you have already enabled many many people who were going to be failing to send their children to school, now they are able to.

Our children are able to be sent to school because we can sell our rice on Fair Trade price.

In fact for your information because of this partnership, because of your nation becoming a Fair Trade Nation, we are also now a Fair Trade association. We are registered under the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation).

We have the certification, so this Fair Trade certification for Scotland is not only benefitting you people in Scotland, it is also benefitting us.

By Howard Msukwa, Kaporo Smallholder Farmer Association (KASFA), Malawi

19 February 2023