Fair Trade Finders Scotland

Papay Community CoOp



Products found: Traidcraft clothing/jewellery to order, Towels, Traidcraft china ranges, papergoods, candles, Christmas decorations ranges. Vent for change stationery GOGO Olive crafts BioD household products & refills Traidcraft handwash, toilet & kitchen rolls Washing-up/garden/outdoor gloves Cottonwool pads/balls/buds Bamboo toothbrush, Shampoo bars Bart & Meru herbs & spices, Vanilla extract Choc chips & chunks for baking, Eswatini sauces, Ma’s Coconut milk, King’s Coconut Water, Teas by London Tea, Co-Op & Traidcraft, leaf & bag, numerous varieties Divine, Café Direct & Co-op cocoa, Coffee Ground (8 varieties), Instant (5) Beans (1), Liberation Crunchy Peanut butter, Traidcraft marmalade & jam, plus honey (3 varieties), Traidcraft cereals, Sugars (Tate & Lyle & Traidcraft, 10 varieties), Liberation & Traidcraft nuts, (various) Cereal bars, Dried fruit (mango & pineapple), Zayoun dates* Traidcraft chunky cookies Beech's boxed chocolates Traidcraft, Co-Op & Divine chocolate bars + confectionery various Traidcraft Pasta(2), Rice(3) Chickpeas, Lentils, Zaytoun range of olive oil & condiments, Wines Red & White,(10+ varieties) Fruit Juice (2 Calypso juice boxes, 1 x 1ltr Co-op chilled orange juice), Bananas, Tomatoes, Green beans*, Oranges* Barbecue Charcoal

Fair trade type: Fairtrade Mark, WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade

Found by: Orkney Fair Trade Group

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