3 ways to source consumer-ready Fair Trade products

Stock finished Fair Trade products and become one of the hundreds of individual businesses across the UK helping empower economically marginalised producers and  workers in developing countries.

Increasingly consumers are demanding transparency in the sourcing of their food and their products. The best way to do this is through trusted independent, third party certification and verification systems, like Fairtrade and WFTO.

The best ways to source Fair Trade products are to:


1. Visit our Fair Trade Suppliers Page

Here you can find 38 independent retailers and wholesalers across Scotland dedicated to supplying Fair Trade. From beauty products, cards and clothing to handmade crafts, food and drink and homeware, Scottish enterprises offer a fantastic range of goods for you to stock.

Check out our Suppliers Page

2. Check out the Fairtrade Foundation’s National Purchasing Guide

Whether you run a restaurant, pub, café or are an independent retailer wanting to stock Fairtrade items, you can use the National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide to help you find a supplier of Fairtrade products.

Get a copy of the 2021 National Purchasing Guide

3. Source from WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprises

Browse the World Fair Trade Organisation’s (WFTO) website for Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprises that offer consumer-ready Fair Trade items.

A Guaranteed WFTO member adheres to the highest ethical requirements. WFTO members are fully verified as Fair Trade plus social enterprise. They have been peer reviewed and independently audited, along with their Fair Trade suppliers.

Search WFTO Members

Find out more about the WFTO

Are you a trader, processor or manufacturer looking to source unfinished Fair Trade products and commodities?

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Source from WFTO Guaranteed members