Signs to display around your community to show your support for our Fair Trade Nation

Scotland A Fair Trade Nation logo with words written around blue map of Scotland.During regional meetings with Fair Trade campaigners across Scotland at the end of last year and beginning of this year, the difficulty some have had in getting Fairtrade messaging onto road signage came up.

In response, we are launching Fair Trade community signage. These signs can be displayed prominently in different locations in your local community to show your support for our Fair Trade Nation and to communicate the various Fair Trade activities going on. Tell people about your group(s), and about the schools, colleges, universities, faith groups, businesses and others in your local area supporting our Fair Trade Nation.

The first step is to meet as a group to discuss the idea of community Fair Trade signs, decide on location(s) and type of signage and arrange permissions for both indoor and outdoor signs. Then you’re ready to contact us for the sign design file(s). 

How will it work?

1. We will produce a design for a Fair Trade community sign to show your community’s support for our Fair Trade Nation.

2. We will make the design available to you in various sizes for both interior and exterior signage with a QR code on it.

3. A QR code on the sign can be used by people to find out more about the Fair Trade activities in your community.

4. You will be able to add the information you’d like to share about your Fair Trade community (and updates) to our website.

5. You decide locally where to locate your sign(s) and arrange the required permissions. For indoor signs, you will need the relevant permissions from property owners and managers. For outdoor signs, we recommend that you contact your local authority. 

6. You arrange to add your community name to your sign’s design, and to have it printed locally.

Get an idea of costs

We’ve done a bit of research into the costs of various signage options, using various outdoor printing companies online. VAT is included in the costs but not delivery. You may have local printers that you’ve used previously that can supply various indoor and outdoor signage options. If not, you can find exterior signage printers online.

– Indoor A1 colour poster x 1 = £12.50

– Outdoor A1 colour poster x 1 = £20.88

– External lockable, shatterproof glazing poster case x 1

  • A4 = £91.20
  • A3 = £101.40
  • A1 = £160.20

– Outdoor, weather-resistant banner stand (base filled water or sand) x 1

  • 2000mm x 800mm = £148.80

– Vinyl banner with eyelets x 1

  • 1.8m x 1.5m = £96.58

– Large 4m flag with 50l base x 1 = £228

– Aluminium composite board A1 x 1 = £100.20

– Post mounted showcase, root fixed or surface mounted, lockable, 920mm x 660mm x 1 = £567

Please note: costs are correct as of 20/12/22 and may vary depending on the supplier. These costings are to give you an idea. There are also very many more options for both indoor and outdoor signage.

To note your interest in being kept updated about community signage, please email