Let’s make a Fair Trade timeline that highlights the campaigning in Scotland over the last 10 years and longer. 

Snap shot of Our Fair Trade Timeline with entries of key events and milestones in Scotland's Fair Trade campaigning journey.As part of our celebration of Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation, we are asking you to add your Fair Trade milestones to our timeline. It’s easy to do! Visit our timeline, add an entry by clicking on a plus sign (+) along the timeline, put the month and year or just the year of the milestone, then add a description and a photo, file or link. Your entry will be anonymous if you do not have a padlet account. If you’d like to be identified, you can add your name, group, organisation etc. in the description.

Please be aware that entries need to be approved so there could be a few days before you see your entry up on the timeline.

If you’d like to add to the timeline but don’t want to add directly to padlet, please email the above information along with a file or photo to catherine.newman@sftf.org.uk.

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