Fair Trade and the Curriculum

Learning and teaching about Fair Trade fits into a range of curricular areas from the early to the fourth level. It provides a focus to embed learning about the world and Scotland’s place in it, including learning for sustainability.

There are many experiences and outcomes that can be enhanced by or that depend on teaching and learning about Fair Trade, Global Citizenship, Learning for Sustainability, and the interconnections.

Here we have focused on one example for a relevant E&O within each of the eight curriculum areas to get you started. See Fair Trade and Curriculum for Excellence for more examples.

Included are one or two examples for the early level but nurseries may find our Fair Trade Nurseries Resource Pack helpful.

Health & Wellbeing

Social Studies



Religious & Moral Education

Numeracy and Mathematics

Literacy and English

Modern Languages

Expressive Arts

See Teaching Resources for access to many more resources both from ourselves and from other organisations. You may find many excellent resources from England, Wales and Northern Ireland and we have put together an overview of UK Education Systems to help you work out how the stages link to our Scottish year groups.