What’s Fair Trade Got To Do With Climate Justice?

A presentation for secondary level students about Fair Trade and Climate Justice that takes you through:

  • Why Fair Trade is vital for Climate Justice and social change globally
  • How Fair Trade both respects the environment and addresses inequalities
  • How you can get involved


If your school or group is able to deliver this presentation to other young people aged 13-18 before April 2022, the young people involved can access 250 Young Scot reward points! To tell us about your presentation, who came along and is eligible for the reward points, email catherine.newman@sftf.org.uk.

These notes are on the PowerPoint but here they are again as separate documents:

Slide 11 guide notes

Slide 14 guide notes

Please also see more on Fair Trade & Climate Change.

If you have any questions at all, please contact catherine.newman@sftf.org.uk.

With thanks to WOSDEC for their work on the presentation ‘What’s Fair Trade Got To Do With Climate Justice?’