The Faircast – Fair Trade conversations about people and planet

We talk to people who are doing their bit to make the world more sustainable and Scotland a Fair Trade Nation.

Episode One: Doing things differently to take on the big brands.


In episode one, Martin Rhodes talks to Jessamy Beeson-Jones of Karma Drinks and Albert Tucker of the Karma Foundation, Scott Erwin of Greencity Wholefoods and Matt Oliver of Traidcraft and Bala Sport about taking on big brands with fair trade and ethical alternatives that are good for people and for planet.


And the local soundscape of the week?

The subway heading from Buchanan St. to Partick.

The Glasgow Subway is 125 years old in December and carries around 12 million people a year!


Episode Two: ‘What’s a good cup of coffee?’


In episode two, Martin Rhodes talks to Senga Gall and Josh Pitts of Equal Exchange UK, James Faddes of Glesga Roasters, Joyce Juma-Phiri of Fair Trade Scotland and Aimable Nshimiye of Sholi Coffee Co-op about Fair Trade, climate change, coffee farming and coffee that’s good for people and planet.


And the local soundscape of the week?

The roasting of coffee beans and then espresso being brewed at Glesga Roasters. Yum.


Episode 3: Remaking clothing for people and planet


In this episode Martin Rhodes talks to Paola Masperi of Mayamiko, Elizabeth Tobon of Dos Mundos, Andy Ashcroft of Koolskools and partners Ranga Rajan, Dibella India and Louise White, Corpus Christi Primary School. Episode 3 is all about responsible fashion, ethical clothing, quality, Fairtrade and organic cotton, environmental impact, education, partnership and opportunity.


And the local soundscape of the week?

Drumming from Friday’s COP26 March in Glasgow.


Episode Four: Women in Fair Trade: tackling climate change


In episode four, Martin talks to Sonia Paiva of Eswatini Kitchen, Deborah Osei-Mensah of Asunafo North Farmers Union, Julie Hagan Gogo Olive and Mary Popple JTS – Just Trading Scotland about women, Fair Trade and climate change. 


And the local soundscape?

From the shoreline of Fintry Bay on the nearby Isle of Cumbrae one sunny morning during the summer, looking across to the Isle of Arran.


Bonus Episode: Sonia Paiva, Eswatini Kitchen and Woman Farmer Foundation

Listen to Sonia Paiva’s (of Eswatini Kitchen and the Woman Farmer Foundation)  full interview as she discusses the importance of Fair Trade to the existence of Eswatini Kitchen, and to supporting the education of producers around gender issues, women’s employment, child labour and all of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.

Sonia discusses women in agriculture and climate smart agriculture to respond to the climate crisis, along with youth involvement in farming. Don’t miss it.