This year’s Fair Trade Nation lecture took place on Monday 30 April 2018 at the University of Dundee. The Forum welcomed Ewan Reid, Director of Coffee at Glasgow-based Matthew Algie, to deliver this year’s lecture. Matthew Algie is one of the UK’s leading coffee roasters specialising in sustainable sourcing.

Ewan spoke about why Matthew Algie chooses to source Fairtrade coffee, how Fairtrade enables sustainable quality coffee from smallholder value chains, and some of the challenges facing the Fairtrade coffee system. Ewan also answered questions from the audience about the marketing of Fairtrade in coffee shops, mass balance, technology in coffee farming, direct trade as a sourcing practice and the effects of Brexit on the coffee market.

The lecture was attended by supporters from around Scotland who had a chance to buy from and browse stalls from Forum members including the Dundee Fair Trade ForumBala SportFair Trade ScotlandGreencity, Gavin’s Mill, Hadeel and Shared Interest.

Thank you to the Dundee Fair Trade Forum, the University of Dundee and all those who attended for supporting this event.