Crowdfunder Update

Support Our Fair Trade Suppliers: Crowdfunder Update


Back in June, Fair Trade supporters came together to raise funds through a Crowdfunder appeal for 11 Fair Trade suppliers across Scotland, giving them each a crucial helping hand during the pandemic.

Over the next few days, we are going to hear how your generosity has supported Scotland’s thriving network of Fair Trade suppliers and, crucially, helped maintain fair partnerships with some of the most marginalised producers in the world.


Dos Mundos – Clothing and accessories retailer in Anstruther

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How did the Crowdfunder help Dos Mundos?

Upon re-opening, the grant made it possible for Dos Mundos to buy their new season stock which supported both UK-based suppliers Earth Squared and Nomads and the makers overseas and their families. Earth Squared work with partners in Hanoi, Vietnam where the women working as seamstresses or in quality control earn a good standard of living, and receive training in order to progress through their career while supporting their families. Read about some of Nomads partners in India.

Elizabeth Tobon of Dos Mundos said of the Crowdfunder:

“We were delighted to be able to offer some income and security to suppliers and makers at a time of slow trade.”


Fair Business Alliance – UK distributor of Pacari Chocolates

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How did the Crowdfunder help Fair Business Alliance?

The grant was used to place an order for Pacari Premium Organic Chocolate from Ecuador, to continue to support the families of the organic farmers to the workers in the chocolate factory.

The remainder of the grant was used to keep the interest in Pacari Chocolate alive on social media leading to online sales which became increasingly important due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on other sales channels.



Juan Andres Santelices of the Fair Business Alliance / Pacari Chocolates said of the Crowdfunder:

“Thanks to this funding the order placed has arrived and we are hoping our customers keep buying Pacari Chocolate. We are also looking to find new places to sell and possible new wholesalers. Please like and share our pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”


Fair Trade Scotland – promoting products that support the WFTO Fair Trade producers


Fair Trade Scotland, who were a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum at the time of the appeal, used the funding to purchase stock from WFTO member, FairMail – a social enterprise who produce fantastic Fair Trade greetings cards (and other photography products) using photographs taken by Peruvian, Indian and Moroccan teenagers. As well as receiving 50% of the profits from the sale of their photography products, the teenagers also receive photography training, a medical fund and guidance in making future plans from FairMail.

According to FairMail’s website:

“Since 2006 FairMail has sold >3 million cards in 14 countries allowing 55 teenagers photographers to earn 165.000 euro to invest in their own education through the sale of their pictures.”


Gavin’s Mill – Fair Trade retailer and cafe in Milngavie

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How did the Crowdfunder help Gavin’s Mill? 

With the cafe having to stay closed in July, the team decided adapt by offering a Food To Go takeaway menu (containing all their usual Fair Trade items) and building an outside seating area. The grant was used to purchase wooden tables with bench seating and large umbrellas at the front of the building. They also purchased additional tables and chairs for the terrace at the side of the café and gazebos to ensure customers could continue to buy Fair Trade products in all weathers.


Liz Ibbotson of Gavin’s Mill said of the Crowdfunder:

“This initiative enabled the Gavin’s Mill café to reopen and to retain its customer base. The longer we stayed closed, the more distant our customer base would have become. Indeed, our ability to offer sheltered outside seating throughout the summer and autumn has resulted in many new customers visiting us and very often choosing to return. This has had a very positive effect on our café and a knock-on effect on our shop business and ultimately Fair Trade producers. Customers who had not previously visited the shop often did so after a visit to the café.”


Hadeel – Fair Trade retailer in the heart of Edinburgh

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How did the Crowdfunder help Hadeel?

Hadeel was able to buy stock for Christmas from 8 social enterprise suppliers in Palestine, bringing much-needed income to the workers at a really difficult time.


Khaled Khalil of Hadeel said of the Crowdfunder:

“We welcome this support as it helped us continue to support the disadvantaged Palestinian families working with those 8 social enterprises we buy from.”


JTS – Importer, distributor and retailer of Fair Trade goods

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How did the Crowdfunder help JTS?

With the help of the funding, JTS was able to add new climate change lessons to their 90kg Rice Challenge and produce multimedia content for social media to further boost the profile of the rice.

Now, the 90kg Challenge pack is even more valuable, teaching school pupils about global citizenship, enterprise and climate change, as well as the impact on producers of buying Fair Trade.

Every 90kg of rice sold by farmers in Malawi enables them to send a child to secondary school for a year, helping provide a better life for those in some of the poorest communities in Malawi.


Nicola Taylor of JTS said about the Crowdfunder:

“We are delighted to have been able to make the 90kg Rice Challenge even more relevant to today’s social issues for our future consumers, and we’re looking forward to launching it during Fairtrade Fortnight 2021.”

One World Shop – Fair Trade retailer in the heart of Edinburgh

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How did the Crowdfunder help One World Shop?

One World Shop used their funding to import candles from Nobunto, a South African social enterprise that produces an incredible range of hand-painted candles and ceramics. Nobunto is certified by Fair For Life (a Fair Trade scheme recognised by WFTO), adheres strictly to the 10 principles of fair trade and provides employment for women in Napier – a small village (east of Cape Town) that has an unemployment rate of approximately 50%.


Rachel Farey of the One World Shop said about the Crowdfunder:

“We were delighted that the grant gave us the security to support Nobunto once more while they were struggling with Covid-19 restrictions, giving the women much needed income.”


Rafiki Coffee – Fair Trade Rwandan coffee supplier

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How did the Crowdfunder help Rafiki Coffee?

The grant allowed Rafiki Coffee to purchase a new batch of green coffee beans from Rwanda to be roasted, packaged and sold online. Through their coffee sales, Rafiki continues to support Rwandan-based school, Ecole du bon Berger, and the profits from this batch of coffee will help to provide one additional child in January with funding for tuition, transport to school, school supplies and lunch at school for the entirety of their stay.


Benjamin Murenzi said about the Crowdfunder:

“This initiative was more than helpful for Rafiki and came during a tough time. It has helped us keep providing coffee to our customers and stay open during Covid-19.”

“SFTF has been really helpful since the beginning of Rafiki Coffee, and I’m very grateful to all for this support.”


Rainbow Turtle – Fair Trade retailer in the heart of Paisley 

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How did the Crowdfunder help Rainbow Turtle? 

Funds were used to order stock including customer-favourites, like Fairtrade coffee, as well as from smaller Fair Trade suppliers for handicrafts. A large order was placed with Mary & Martha Mongolia Fair & Ethical gifts just in time for Christmas, helping to support the 4 SMEs, 5 Cooperatives and the raft of self-employed individuals they work with in Mongolia. These proved to be very popular! 

The money was also used to purchase fair trade face coverings and install essential equipment to protect volunteers, staff, and customers, giving everyone more confidence when the shop reopened. 

Gemma Elliot, the shop’s manager and Education Officer for Rainbow Turtle, said of the Crowdfunder: 

Many thanks to the Scottish Fair Trade Forum for organising this campaign, and to all who donated. We are very grateful for this support”. 


Yho!Yho! – Supplier of Fair Trade appliqué elephant backpacks

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How did the Crowdfunder help YhoYho?

Funds were used to produce a prototype baby bib design and place an order in July for production with skilled South African-based seamstress, Tarien Carolisssen. Working on the new design, Tarien was also able to develop her sewing skills, adding to Yho!Yho!’s product line and providing for her family. With unemployment at 30% in South Africa at the time, the advance payment for her expertise gave a much-needed small amount of relief for her and her daughter, as well as two other families.

The funds were also used to help Yho!Yho! crucially develop their website to diversify from face to face to online sales.

Gill Howard, Yho!Yho!’s, founder added about the Crowdfunder:

This has been an amazing and insightful initiative, and an incredible help. It has enabled me to sponsor Tarien at a time of real hardshship and has allowed me to take risks by investing in product and website development at a time when lack of income would have made this very challenging. The social media campaign around the initiative also generated increased interest in Yho!Yho! and led to sales. The message of solidarity between SFTF members and their suppliers was a powerful and positive message broadcast at a time when it was needed most.