We are delighted to be invited to get involved with Dumfries and Galloway’s Learning for Sustainability Conference 2023

Dumfries and Galloway Learning for Sustainability Conference 2023Find all the keynotes, professional learning and opportunities, and LfS showcase here.



We presented a ‘live’ session, Fair Trade, Fashion and You, on Monday 22nd May, with Diana Firth of WOSDEC and Andy Ashcroft of Koolskools. We also produced a magazine resource for teachers called Fair Trade, Sustainability and Global Citizenship.

Fair Trade, Fashion and You is an interactive session about how the clothes we buy impact the people involved in their production and the planet. Delivered by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, WOSDEC and Koolskools, we hope to inspire you and your learners to campaign for fairness in fashion.

Please find the presentation and the teacher notes that go along with the slides. Please find a PDF version of the presentation here. The Koolskools lesson plans linked to ‘Unravelling the Thread‘ can be found here with the password: Schoolsforfairtrade (with an upper case first “S”).

Please also find the resource created jointly with WOSDEC for the Conference:

Fair Trade, Sustainability and Global Citizenship


We hope you enjoyed the Learning for Sustainability Conference 2023.

With thanks to WOSDEC and Koolskools for working with us.