Would you be interested in buying Fair Trade face coverings?

The Scottish Government recently recommended the use of non-medical grade face coverings in Scotland “when you leave the house and enter enclosed spaces,  especially where physical distancing is more difficult…”

We have since been approached by WFTO members, Villageworks and Fair Trade Scotland Ltd, who can supply coverings produced on Fair Trade terms, as part of WFTO Asia’s People’s Mask project. The project aims to ease the pressure on the demand for surgical masks by providing coverings that the general public can use.

The coverings available are based on the HK Mask Design (a laboratory-tested system using fabric masks and filters). They are made in line with WFTO’s Fair Trade Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Standards, thereby ensuring safe and fair conditions for the workers. The producer organisation has also enhanced health and hygiene and provided PPE for the workers who make these coverings.

Coverings would cost £5.00 each.

Would your Fair Trade group or organisation be interested in buying these coverings to use or sell locally? If you are interested:

1. Please email us by 12 noon on Thursday 14 May with the number of masks you would be able to buy. Please only email us if you are seriously interested and please send us a realistic number you can buy. We will use this information to decide whether to place a wholesale order with the supplier.

2. If we receive enough interest, we will make an order and would require 50% payment upfront. If we do not receive enough interest, we will let you know.

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please email us at: info@sftf.org.uk.