On the 25th of February this year, we will be marking 10 years since Scotland was first declared a Fair Trade Nation.


“As we reflect on the 10 years that have gone past and we look to the future, it’s worth reminding ourselves of what being a Fair Trade Nation is.

It’s partly about marking successes and achievements and that’s important to do but it’s also a challenge to do more and to go further.

And it also provides a platform to argue for those further changes.

As we across the world face the challenges of the climate crisis and global inequality, Fair Trade offers practical, tested solutions to how we can change models of business and trade to tackle those inequalities and to bring justice into global trading.

Here in Scotland, so many people over the last 10 years have contributed to us being a Fair Trade Nation by their activities in communities, in public sector bodies, in private business, in Fair Trade businesses and across all sectors of Scottish society people have shown their commitment to doing this differently and supporting Fair Trade.

And we celebrate those achievements.

But despite all the efforts of campaigners across the globe, so much trade is still done unfairly.

That’s why this 10th anniversary offers us the opportunity to re-commit to those Principles of Fair Trade and to pushing for further progress in the battle against global inequality and ensuring that trade is done fairly.

It’s our opportunity to once again to join our voices with others across the globe, to take action with others across the globe and to show our commitment with others across the globe in global solidarity in order to achieve the Fair Trade future that we all want.”

Martin Rhodes, Chief Executive, Scottish Fair Trade Forum

18 February 2023