The Glasgow Fair Trade Co-op has been a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum since 2018 and here Jim Lister tells us what the group has been doing recently.

I am of an age where I remember the early days of Fair Trade and it being such a welcome voice as global capitalism in the post-colonial era wreaked havoc on the planet on a scale not previously seen. I live in Glasgow -a city built on the worst excesses of unfair trade (slavery and forced migration of labour).

Whilst I’m a relative newcomer to the Glasgow Fair Trade Co-op, (I joined in 2016), it’s been great to work with the group and find new and interesting ways to get our message across, whether that’s projecting a giant image of

Glasgow Fair Trade Co-op Event in George Square - people playing samba drums
Photo credit: Craig Maclean

the Fairtrade logo in George Square, Glasgow raising funds to provide £1,000 of Fair Trade products for Govanhill People’s Pantry or organising a Bake-off style competition with staff and students at City of Glasgow

College, Scotland’s largest college.

Two people in People's Pantry
Photo credit: Glasgow Fair Trade Co-op

Here, where I live, on Glasgow’s Southside (the centre of the universe), we’ve got a great range of fruit and veg shops (“Stalks and Stems”, “Fresh and Fruity”) that also stock a great range of Fair Trade products. In addition, we have two big Co-ops and a couple of their convenience stores where you can get a great range of Fair Trade essentials – this year, 2021, in the run-up to Christianity’s most important festival the “Co” produced a Fair Trade Easter egg free from any plastic packaging! I say to all my Fair Trade supporting friends and family “put your money where your mouth is”.

We’ve had great support from the Co-op, Scotmid, Green City Wholefoods and UNITE but it’s fair to say that without the Scottish Fair Trade Forum’s Community Grants programme contributions, we would have struggled to do much of the above.

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