NorthLink Ferries have undertaken the role as Aberdeen’s 2015 flagship business that supports Fair Trade. They have commited to using not only Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar, but they have also sourced smart polo shirts made of Fairtrade cotton from India for the crew.

Sue Good, Chair of Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group, said: “NorthLink Ferries are the current Flagship Employer for Aberdeen and they bring a high degree of commitment to the job. FT Banana’s voyage to Orkney on the ferry was designed to raise awareness of how companies in particular could become more involved in promoting Fairtrade products. We were also linking two areas of Scotland where Fairtrade campaigners are active and demonstrating how local products can also fit into sustainable practices. And it was fun!”

Peter Hutchinson, NorthLink Ferries Senior Manager Vessel Support Services said: ‘NorthLink Ferries are proud to be Aberdeen City Council’s “Fairtrade Employer” for 2015 and to be represented on the council’s Fairtrade Steering Group. In addition to our support of local produce NorthLink Ferries are also championing the Fairtrade cause through the use of Ethyco coffees, teas, sugars and drinking chocolate products provided by the Aberdeen based supplier Caber Coffee. NorthLink have Fairtrade bananas throughout the fleet and as a new initiative in July have launched a new Fairtrade polo shirt for our staff.

NorthLink Ferries support the communities in the Northern Isles and recently linked the North East of Scotland by taking the Aberdeen City Fairtrade mascot FT Banana on a cruise to meet various like-minded organisations in Orkney. To raise the profile a Fairtrade information sharing meeting was held with representatives from Orkney Island Council followed by an interview on BBC Radio Orkney.’