Fair Trade has always been an important part of challenging global inequality and poverty. Covid-19 has made those inequalities even more obvious and Fair Trade is needed more than ever.

In these elections to the Scottish Parliament, we are asking all candidates to sign the Fair Trade Pledge:

Fair Trade Pledge

If I am elected, I will in the next Parliament:

  1. Take actions to promote Scotland’s Fair Trade Nation status
  2. Listen to the voices of producers in global supply chains, support actions to build back a fairer economy and tackle the climate emergency
  3. Support measures to increase the public procurement of Fair Trade products


If you are a candidate in the Scottish Parliament elections, please email pledge@sftf.org.uk stating:

a) your name,
b) your constituency/region,
c) your political party if you have one.

We can then add you to the list of signatories and send you graphics for showing your support on your social media.


If you are a Fair Trade supporter, please contact the candidates in your constituency and region asking them to sign the pledge.

A number of news websites, for example the BBC, list all the candidates in the Scottish Parliament elections but you will need to find contact details for your local candidates from election leaflets, social media etc.

Here is some suggested text if you need it – template letter example

Click here to find your local candidates.


Pledge Signatories

Browse the list to find your candidate


Candidate name Constituency/Region Party Pledge date
Kenneth J Gibson Cunninghame North Scottish National Party 07/05/2021
Peter Morton West Scotland Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Colin McFadyen North East Scotland Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Heather Astbury Edinburgh Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Anna Freemantle Edinburgh Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Bruce Henderson Mid Scotland/ Fife Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Stefan Diesing Mid Scotland/ Fife Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Ben Meehan Glasgow Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Andrea Kozlowski Glasgow Renew Scotland 05/05/2021
Thomas Kerr Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Glasgow Shettleston/Glasgow Region 05/05/2021
Lynn Thomson Aberdeen South and North Kincardine Scottish Labour Party 05/05/2021
Erin Crawley West Scotland Scottish Green Party 05/05/2021
Claire Baker Kirkcaldy Scottish Labour Party 04/05/2021
Mark Griffin Cumbernauld and Kilsyth / Central Scotland Scottish Labour Party 04/05/2021
Colin Smyth Dumfriesshire /South Scotland Region Scottish Labour Party 04/05/2021
Jason Duncan Banffshire and Buchan Coast Freedom Alliance Party 03/05/2021
Sarah Boyack Lothian Region Scottish Labour Party 04/05/2021
Neil Bibby Paisley Scottish Labour Party 04/05/2021
Evelyn Weston Lothian Region Scottish Green Party 30/04/2021
Steve Burgess Lothian Region Scottish Green Party 30/04/2021
Richard McCready North-East Scotland Scottish Labour Party 30/04/2021
Chris Ballance Highlands & Islands Scottish Green Party 28/04/2021
Ben Parker Lothian Region Scottish Green Party 29/04/2021
Willie Rennie North East Fife Scottish Liberal Democrats 13/04/2021
Nicola Sturgeon Glasgow Southside Scottish National Party 19/04/2021
Rachel Shanks North East Scotland Scottish Green Party 18/04/2021
Kate Nevens Lothian Region Scottish Green Party 19/04/2021
Julia Brown South Perthshire and Kinross-shire Scottish Liberal Democrats 19/04/2021
Keiran O’Neill Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn Scottish Labour Party 19/04/2021
Peter Kennedy North East Scotland Scottish Green Party 21/04/2021
Sylvia Hardie North East Scotland Scottish Green Party 21/04/2021
Pam Duncan-Glancy Glasgow Kelvin Scottish Labour Party 21/04/2021
Maggie Chapman North East Scotland Scottish Green Party 21/04/2021
Conrad Wood Aberdeenshire East Scottish Liberal Democrats 21/04/2021
Laura Moodie Galloway & West Dumfries / South Scotland Scottish Green Party 21/04/2021
Kevin McGregor Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley Scottish Labour Party 22/04/2021
Graeme Downie Aberdeenshire East Scottish Labour Party 26/04/2021
Eva Clark Murray Glasgow Anniesland/Glasgow Region Scottish Labour Party 24/04/2021
Rona Mackay Strathkelvin and Bearsden Scottish National Party 26/04/2021
Anas Sarwar Glasgow Southside Scottish Labour Party 26/04/2021
Mark Ruskell Mid Scotland and Fife Scottish Green Party 26/04/2021
Katy Clark Cunninghame North Scottish Labour Party 26/04/2021
Craig Berry Highlands & Islands Alba Party 28/04/2021