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Equal Exchange UK is a large worker owned alternative trade organisation. Starting out in the late seventies after three aid volunteers returned from Africa. They had seen how small-scale farmers were plunging themselves into debt due to the appallingly low prices they received for their products and buyers’ lack of transparency. At the same time, coffee consumption was growing in the UK and yet the people drinking it had no idea that the farmers were not even covering their costs or that they had no other choices. Throwing money at the problem was not the only answer – direct, fairer trading would make a real difference.

The team launched Campaign Coffee Scotland. In 1990 Campaign Coffee Scotland re branded as Equal Exchange and became a workers’ co-operative, reflecting the values that we still believe in today. Now, as a combined US and UK co-operative of over 150 members, we now work with a wide range of farming communities to make the world a fairer and more transparent place. Equal Exchange no longer just focuses on coffee; we import a range of products from honey and cocoa to chocolates and sugar.

Category: Food & drink (Coffee, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Sugar, Olive Oil)

Type: Fairly traded, Fairtrade Mark

Retailer or Wholesaler: both

Address: EE Wholesale (UK) Ltd, Unit 5e Southwick Industrial Estate, Sunderland SR5 3TX

Phone: 0345 258 5331

Web: www.equalexchange.co.uk




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