Board of Trustees

Our current board members are: 

Charles Sim - Rachel Farey - Liz Manson - Angus Coull - Josh Brown - Senga Gall - Karena Jarvie - Sarah Middlemiss -  Norman Chipakupaku

 Charles Sim (Chair)

Charles is a member of the East Ayrshire Fair Trade Group. He has been active in the Co-operative and credit union movements for over 25 years. He is a Director of Fenwick Weavers and has an interest in Scotland's contribution to co-operative heritage. Charles served for many years as a firefighter in Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Rachel Farey (Vice Chair)

Rachel is currently the Business Manager at One World Shop Ltd. Born in Singapore, she moved to England as a 2-year-old. Rachel studied at Kent University and subsequently moved to Edinburgh in 1984 when she first discovered the One World Shop, first joining as a volunteer and then becoming part of the staff team. In 1995, Rachel trained as a secondary school teacher at Moray House, Edinburgh and worked in several schools in Edinburgh and West Lothian. She is a founding member of BAFTS and is currently the Chair of the Edinburgh Fairtrade City Initiative.

Liz Manson (Vice Chair)


Liz is the Community Planning and Engagement Manager at Dumfries and Galloway Council and has been involved with the Fair Trade movement since she became a volunteer in her local Fair Trade Group in Castle Douglas in 2007. During her time with her local group she was the secretary and worked with local schools, faith groups, business and the local Food Town initiative, Castle Douglas became a Fairtrade town in 2010. When responsibility for developing Fair Trade in Dumfries and Galloway Council became part of her portfolio at work, she stood down from her local role to take on this wider challenge. Over the past two years, Dumfries and Galloway Council has established a Regional Steering Group, seen improvements in their procurement arrangements, produced their first Regional Newsletter and become a Fairtrade Zone. 

Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Josh is the Education Officer for Paisley's Fair Trade organisation, Rainbow Turtle, who he's worked for since July 2014. Much of his work involves visiting schools, youth, community and faith groups with the aim of raising awareness of Fair Trade, how it works, how it benefits people and why it's relevant to all of us as Global Citizens. He has also helped introduce the Rainbow Turtle Fair Trade Podcast, which ties local, national and international issues together to help connect the dots between our experiences.

Angus Coull











Angus is a co-founder and joint Managing Director of Fair Trade Sports Balls Ltd (trading as Bala Sport). He is a passionate fair trader and has been involved in Fair Trade in several guises since 2006. Angus campaigned for Trade Aid in New Zealand and worked as the Marketing and Communications Officer for Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand for three years before returning to the UK and volunteering for the Scottish Fair Trade Forum for a year. 

Senga Gall  

Senga is the General Manager of Equal Exchange, an Edinburgh based worker co-operative that has been importing Fair Trade and organic food and drink since the early 1980’s. She has been a worker member there for 16 years and over that time has been inspired by, and learned from, the many dedicated people in the Fair Trade movement around the world. Born in Dumfries, Senga studied and lived in Paisley and Glasgow before moving to Edinburgh in 1997 where she now lives with her husband and two sons.

Karena Jarvie

Karena was a secondary maths teacher before she trained as an Educational Psychologist. She has been involved with Traidcraft stalls for about 25 years and is now the Chairperson of the Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Group and a member of the Kinross-shire Fairtrade Group. She wishes to encourage churches to support Fair Trade, schools to work towards being Fair Achieving Schools and Local Authorities to promote Fair Trade in as many ways as possible in our Fair Trade Nation. She is keen to promote ideas such as the 90kg challenge and the use of Bala Sport balls.

Sarah Middlemiss

Sarah works for Ecometrica, an environmental monitoring company that uses satellite data to measure environmental impacts and risks in supply chains of commodities such as cocoa, palm oil and soy. She is passionate about international development, and in her role works to ensure environmental protection aligns with protecting and improving livelihoods, particularly in supply chains dominated by smallholder farmers. Before joining Ecometrica, Sarah volunteered at the Forum and then joined as a part time member of staff to support the Fair Trade Nurseries scheme.

 Norman Chipakupaku    


Norman currently leads the CEMVO Scotland’s Social Enterprise team and hence delivering the Scottish Government-funded Just Enterprise Programme. For the past 19 years, he has been involved in a number for projects to support co-operatives in Africa and Asia by working with the UK Co-operative College to deliver DFID and Scottish Government co-operative projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda. Norman has worked as a project manager, fundraiser and Social Enterprise Officer with the Christian Blind Mission, Church of Scotland, Comic Relief and the UK Co-operative College.

Norman has been a longstanding supporter of the Fair Trade movement and an active member of the UK Co-operative Group. He played a major role in supporting the Edinburgh University Students Union to make Edinburgh University the first Fairtrade University in the UK.

Norman has also served on the Boards of the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland, Borders College, the David Livingstone Centre and the Court of Heriot Watt University. Norman is currently the President of Heriot Watt University Graduates Association (The Watt Club) which has a global membership of over 130,000.