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What We Do

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum was established to secure Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland, status achieved in February 2013 and reassessed again in 2017. Not satisfied with that, we have continued the work by:

  1. Supporting the establishment of Fair Trade towns and zones by engaging with local councils and towns to ensure they achieve their Fair Trade status targets. To facilitate the process, the Forum has an Engagement and Communications Officer to offer guidance to towns and local councils. Read more about the activities of local groups in our annual Local Fair Trade Activity Report.

  2. Engaging with partners and stakeholders such as the Scottish Government and Parliament to ensure that policies are in place that favour Fair Trade producers throughout all levels of government in Scotland.

  3. Engaging with the business community to integrate Fair Trade principles and corporate accountability into all aspects of their businesses and to become partners in encouraging the growth of the Fair Trade sector in Scotland.

  4. Raising awareness of Fair Trade among the young, particularly at school level. Our involvement with schools seeks to promote the use of Fair Trade products in canteens, staffrooms and beyond. Through a special Fairtrade Cotton Schoolwear campaign, teachers and children are becoming more thoughtful of where the cotton used in uniforms comes from. Find out more about Fair Trade schools and nurseries here.

  5. Engaging with the broader public in Scotland by raising awareness and encouraging understanding of the role of Fair Trade in creating a more sustainable world. This includes a variety of activities such as speaking engagements, participation in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight events and having information stalls at relevant events and conferences. For further information on how you can take action as an individual click here.

Find out more about what we have been doing recently in our Newsroom, or read through some of our publications.