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Event: Fair Trade in a post-Covid world

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Join us online for our annual Fair Trade Nation Lecture. This year, Pauline Tiffen of the Journal of Fair Trade will be asking: what Fair Trade has got to offer a post-Covid world? 

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Date: Wednesday 20 May 2020

Location: Online 

Time: 13.00 - 14.30  

Organised by: The Scottish Fair Trade Forum 

For more information, email: info@sftf.org.uk 


About the Event 

Many voices are now being raised to articulate the need for a ‘better world’ after the pandemic. This is good. But, many of us want to avoid going back to unfair, unequal and untransparent economics and global supply chains lacking humanity and environmental conscience. What has Fair Trade got to offer to make this a reality?


In the 2020 Fair Trade Nation Lecture, Pauline Tiffen, a Fair Trade leader and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Fair Trade, aims to answer this question, highlighting the valuable lessons from more than 50 years of praxis. From Fair Trade ideals and practices she will contribute to a pragmatic but transformational post-Covid policy platform for Scotland, leveraging the crisis for a step change in political economy and a redefinition of who are market leaders.All welcome to join us, even if you are not in Scotland. The insights will be relevant to supporters and activists for trade justice across the world. 

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