Support our Fair Trade Suppliers during COVID 19 - Crowdfunding Appeal images

Support our Fair Trade Suppliers during COVID 19 - Crowdfunding Appeal


Our crowdfund closed on 26 June and we managed to raise an incredible £9,000. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fund and encouraged others to do so. We will be sending out updates via our Facebook, Twitter and newsletter soon to let you know exactly how the funds are used to sustain Fair Trade businesses in Scotland. 


The Scottish Fair Trade Forum has launched an important crowdfunding appeal on behalf of several Fair Trade suppliers across Scotland whose existence is being tested by the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Crowdfunding Appeal: 


From unwavering campaigners, educational institutions, faith groups and the broader public to our dedicated charities, local councils and government, we are all playing a part to ensure farmers and workers around the world are paid fairly, given decent working conditions and fair terms for trade.

The backbone of our movement, however, is our bustling network of Fair Trade suppliers who stock an amazing collection of goods for us to enjoy.


Since as far back as the 1960s, these importers, wholesalers and retailers have supplied Scotland with everything from household favourites - like tea, coffee, oils and sauces, biscuits, chocolate and rice - to more specialist products - like footballs, fashion items and accessories, personal care products and unique gifts. They do this all while ensuring farmers and workers around the world receive fair payment and conditions, and ultimately, the respect and dignity everyone deserves.


Surviving and thriving as an organisation while committing to Fair Trade principles is hard work  - even at the best of times. With sales now drying up, the Global Covid-19 Pandemic has brought many of them into emergency mode, with some struggling to even meet existing financial commitments. Some are looking at 12 months just to recover; others teeter on the brink of closure. Unsurprisingly however, their devotion to Fair Trade has, and will not, waver.

As the situation becomes increasingly bleak for those in developing countries - with global supply chains being disrupted and markets disappearing fast - this commitment to Fair Trade, and the stable income, decent working conditions and fair contracts its provides, has never been more important. These farmers and workers are telling us they need Fair Trade now more than ever.




While our past achievements in Scotland give us much to celebrate, our Fair Trade movement is at a crucial point. If we truly want to continue justifiably calling ourselves a Fair Trade Nation, we need to do all we can to protect our Fair Trade suppliers now. Without them, Scotland cannot create and maintain fair partnerships with some of the most marginalised people in the world.

Now more than ever, people’s commitment to Fair Trade is needed.




 How you can help

As the membership network for Fair Trade in Scotland, we remain committed to supporting these local businesses. They tell us they need financial support to offset losses, keep buying from producer groups and protect jobs. They are also requesting bespoke business support to focus on resilience issues and prepare for the future. 

In response and in partnership, we are launching this important fundraising campaign to help them. With your support and donations, we can:

1) Allocate funding between suppliers which they can then use to:


2) Provide one-to-one supplier support, helping them: 

Support and donations will be provided to the following Fair Trade suppliers:

We have also hand-selected and purchased some fantastic items from each Fair Trade supplier to have as rewards for you to enjoy!


We understand that some supporters may be facing health and financial insecurity at this time. If you are not in a position to contribute to this fundraising campaign, we would value your support in following us on social media and sharing our news: Twitter / Facebook.  

Thank you!