Form a Fair Trade group

Fair Trade is a real success story of the power of individual consumers to bring about change. Joining forces with other Fair Trade enthusiasts in your area will allow you to go one step further, by arranging activities that will help spread the word to other members of the community. Together, communities have the power to create a fairer trading system.

What activities could a Fair Trade group arrange? Anything from speaking to local shops and cafes and asking them to sell more Fair Trade products, to putting on coffee mornings, fashion shows and other events where people can see and try out a range of Fair Trade products for themselves. There are more than 100 Fair Trade groups in Scotland, so there are plenty of examples and ideas out there to help you get started. Please contact if you're interested in joining or starting a Fair Trade group in your area, and would like some further information or ideas.

Some groups decide to apply for official Fairtrade status for their town, village, city or island. To date, 75 groups in Scotland have done this. Using the Fairtrade criteria can help your group decide what activities to arrange next, and achieving the status is of course a brilliant way of publicly showing your town's commitment to fairness and justice.

Want to find out more about Fairtrade Towns? Read the file below which takes you through the process of achieving Fairtrade Town status step-by-step, and contact if you'd like any further information.

Download the PDF presentation How to become a Fairtrade Town.


Are you looking for funding to help with your community fair trade activities? Please have a look at our Community Grants Scheme.