Put on an event

Organising a local event is a great way to raise awareness across your community. You could put on an event that showcases Fair Trade products that people might not have heard of, or you could organise an event aimed at a community who might not currently know about Fair Trade. You could also organise a talk or debate about Fair Trade, to give people a chance to learn about the issues in depth. Here are some ideas of events you could hold:

  • Show a film with a Fair Trade theme

  • Competitions – best cake that uses Fair Trade ingredients, guess the number of Fair Trade coffee beans in a jar, making a sculpture out of the packaging of Fair Trade products, etc.

  • Information stalls at local fairs

  • Fashion shows with Fair Trade clothes (you could also use clothes from local independent designers and shops if there are no Fair Trade versions of a particular item)

  • Coffee mornings

  • Curry nights, using Fair Trade ingredients

  • Smoothie bikes using Fair Trade fruit

  • Football tournaments using Fair Trade footballs

  • Launch a Fair Trade cook book with recipes from local organisations and community members, highlighting which local shops stock the ingredients

Organising events does sometimes cost money of course. How can you access funding for events? There are four approaches you could take:

  • You can approach local organisations and businesses for funding. Local supermarkets and other businesses that support Fair Trade may be able to give you some funds, as well as local development trusts and community grant schemes.

  • You could also ask businesses to make donations ‘in kind’ – rather than asking for money, ask them to donate a product or service. For example you could ask organisations to donate refreshments or the use of a venue.

  • If you’re able to pay for some costs yourself upfront, you could charge for entry to the event. Any profits made can be donated to a Fair Trade development organisation, such as Traidcraft or the Fairtrade Foundation’s Innovation Fund.

  • Many campaigners have no funding to put on events. Lots of them actually see this as an exciting challenge, because it means they have to be creative! The Fairtrade Foundation has leaflets and other campaigning materials that you can request free of charge, so you could run a stall at a local event handing these out. This would be a great way of spreading the word for free.

To get people to come to your event, you can send invites directly to people and organisations (such as Councillors, churches, community groups, organisations that support Fair Trade, etc.), and you can also publicise it more generally throughout the town (posters in libraries and community centres, notice in local paper, on Twitter and Facebook, etc.). If you would like us to advertise your event on our website please fill in this short form.